About us


The Purpose of Partnership Parke County

The purpose of Partnership Parke County (Partnership Parke), Incorporated is to enable Parke County, Indiana to improve their quality of life and provide direction for economic growth.  As a non-profit organization, we have performed vigorous investigation of other successful like counties, multiple discussions with Parke County, Indiana’s incorporated towns, residents, and local organizations to identify needs, and in-depth discussions with our local county government.

Why We Exist

Through our research, Partnership Parke has determined that it can serve the county on a full-time basis to assist the local county government to meet the economic development needs and growth for Parke County, Indiana. Partnership Parke has a close connection relationship with Parke County Redevelopment Commission, a local government entity, whose goals are also to meet and improve the economic needs for Parke County, Indiana.

Our Programs, Services & Responsibilities

Partnership Parke promotes programs and activities once performed by Parke County Redevelopment Commission in the pursuance of economic growth and development by implementing those activities and programs for private individuals, businesses, local municipalities, and community groups.

Our scope of services include the managing the process for tax abatements, commissioner property tax certificate sale, and the revolving loan grant. In addition, Partnership Parke is responsible for infrastructure and business development, site location, and business retention and expansion.


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