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Parke County contains six incorporated towns - Rockville (the county seat), Montezuma, Mecca, Rosedale, Bloomingdale and Marshall.

Each one has its own unique shops, restaurants, parks and more that makes Parke County a great place to live, work and play.


Located on scenic US 36, Rockville, Indiana, is a special place to visit, live, work, shop and stay.  As the seat of Parke County, Rockville is situated around a magnificent courthouse. Among the most photographed in the United States, Rockville’s courthouse was built in 1882 in the “Second Empire” style.  With a population of about 2,500, Rockville retains its small-town charm and offers many unique shopping, dining and recreational opportunities.  Rockville is, also, the headquarters for the internationally famous Parke County Covered Bridge Festival. Visitors from all over the world stroll the historic streets, enjoying all that Rockville offers.

Montezuma, Indiana stands along the Wabash River in west-central Indiana and serves as the western gateway to Parke County's annual Covered Bridge Festival. Conveniently located about 70 miles west of Indianapolis and 25 miles north of Terre Haute along U.S. Route 36, the town of over 1,100 residents exudes small-town charm at its best.


Whether you are looking for a place to live or just enjoy some of the best scenery Indiana has to offer, Montezuma has something for you.


Mecca is located along the Big Raccoon Creek in the southeastern part of the county, about 6 miles west-southwest of Rockville. The main part of the town is on the west side of the creek, but a portion is on the east side; the Mecca Covered Bridge crosses the creek here. The Wabash River lies about 2 miles to the west and U.S. Route 41 passes with 0.5 miles of the town, to the southeast.  According to the 2013 census, Mecca has a population of 1,005.  Mecca Auto Salvage & Recycling, Inc. is one of the most dependable, fast growing, and customer-service oriented salvage & recycling facilities in the Midwest.

Home to the Strawberry Festival boasting the best homemade shortcakes in Indiana, Rosedale is located midway between Rockville and Terre Haute.  One county east of the IN-IL state line and roughly between I-74 and I-70, its approximately 90 miles due west of  Indianapolis.  The population is 725, according to the 2013 census.  The community of Rosedale strives to maintain the values, ethics, and warm homesteading hospitality which has lent a welcoming flavor to Parke County for millions of visitors throughout the years.


Bloomingdale is located about 6 miles north of Rockville. U.S. Route 41 passes less than a mile to the east of the town.  The population is 334, according to the 2013 census.  It is home to Bloomingdale Home Telephone Company and Futurex Industries.  Bloomingdale Home Telephone Company is an independent company that serves households and business in Bloomingdale, Tangier and surrounding rural areas with quality and friendly service that is unmatched by major telephone companies.  Founded in 1969 with a single extrusion line, Futurex Industries has significantly expanded their operations and capabilities and have grown to become a leading supplier of plastic sheet.


Marshall is located north-northeast of Rockville on Indiana State Road 236.  According to the 2013 census, Marshall has a population of 322.  Marshall is home to Turkey Run State Park, Indiana's most scenic state park.  They also have a family-owned grain elevator, Under The Arch Restaurant, Formflex factories, churches and a public park.   You'll love this little town.

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