Tax Credits & Exemptions











Your business isn’t going to thrive just anywhere. You need the right climate for success, where the pressure from taxes, investment costs and red tape are at their lowest. Indiana has the business environment you need to successfully meet your objectives, and the industry initiatives designed to stimulate growth, innovation and profits.

  • Programs include tax credits to improve capital access for fast-growing Indiana companies and deductions based on new job creation and training.

  • We have no gross receipts tax or inventory tax and a corporate income tax apportionment structure based solely on sales.



  • Indiana is one of only 11 states to receive a AAA credit rating from all 3 major credit rating agencies.

  • Indiana has a very competitive business tax structure, including a flat state corporate tax rate on adjusted gross income and no gross receipts tax or inventory tax. Indiana’s corporate income tax is decreasing from the current 7% to 4.9% by 2021. The tax rate will drop each year as the decrease is phased-in. 

  • Indiana also offers many business tax incentives, corporate tax credits and economic development programs for companies creating jobs and raising income in Indiana, including tax credits based on job creation and capital investment, workforce training grants, and public infrastructure assistance.


Click Here for a complete list of Indiana's available tax incentives.